СITY TOUR PASS is a cheque booklet that contains tear-off coupons for free admission to the TOP-10 attractions of Saint Petersburg: The Hermitage, The Grand Palace in Peterhof, The Catherin Palace and Park of Tsarskoye Selo, The Russiam Museum Complex, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Savior on the Spilled Blood, Kunstkamera, Faberge Museum and hop-on hop-off red bus City Tour

NOTE! Nowadays the Program is on the stage of a new agreement campaign 2017 with St. Petersburg museums and the service is not provided. Sorry for inconveniences.

СITY TOUR PASS general positions:

  • hop-on hop-off sightseeing City Tour Saint Petersburg Read more
  • museums, tours, excursions in Saint Petersburg Read more
  • hop-on hop-off boat tour along rivers and canals Read more
  • water trip to Peterhof by hydrofoils Read more
  • entertainment in Saint Petersburg Read more
  • dining, cafes, restaurants in Saint Petersburg (discounts) Read more
  • gifts, souvenirs, shopping in Saint Petersburg (discounts) Read more
  • accomodation, hotels and hostels in Saint Petersburg (discounts) Read more

Using СITY TOUR PASS Program You can save a significant amount of money spent on vacation in the Northern Capital of Russia, allowing to enjoy all the main showplaces of the city. City Tour Pass ticket booklet costs 3000 rubles (about 46 USD) and valid 1-7 days. 

Nowadays we also issue a souvenir city SPb Map with 8 CITY TOUR PASS discount coupons. You can purchase SPb Map in the ticket-offices of St. Petersburg subway stations and RZD-service marble hall of Moskovsky Railway Station. It costs only 100 rubles.


  • CITY TOUR PASS coupon stays in the booklet or your map untill an attraction removes it. Otherwise, it’s not valid.
  • Special offers are good for one-time use only and valid for one person. 
  • For getting a special price and before you start your visit to museum you should give your booklet to the staff in ticket-office with the CITY TOUR PASS or SPb Map sticker placed on it.
  • To get a discount in companies, shops and restaurants you have to show your CITY TOUR PASS booklet or SPb Map before the payment. Otherwise discount will not be provided.
  • In case if the discount is not presented by staff please call for assistance to the customer service of the Program by tel.: +7 (812) 925 9915 and our operator will help You.
  • CITY TOUR PASS booklet has a valid period 7 days till which you have to use each coupon once. Every booklet has the unique number.
  • Lost booklet or damaged coupons are not restored.
  • Special offers, discounts rates and objects listed in the booklet are subjects to change.
  • Pay your special attention at working hours, notes and check it via internet sites of attractions before your visit.


CITY TOUR PASS offers the following TOP-10 privileges:

  • FREE ADMISSION to the State Hermitage Museum
  • FREE ADMISSION to the State Russian Museum Complexincluding visiting Mihailovsky, Marble and Stroganov palaces, St. Michael's Castle
  • FREE ADMISSION to the Grand Palace in Peterhof
  • FREE ADMISSION to the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo
  • FREE ADMISSION to Peter and Paul Fortress, including visiting Peter and Paul Cathedral, a prison of Trubetskoy Bastion, Nevskaya Panorama
  • FREE ADMISSION to St. Isaac's Cathedral
  • FREE ADMISSION to Savior on the Spilled Blood
  • FREE ADMISSION to Kunstkamera Museum
  • FREE ADMISSION to Faberge Museum  
  • FREE ADMISSION to hop-on hop-off red bus City Tour Saint Petersburg

NOTE! Nowadays the Program is on the stage of new agreement campaign 2017 with St. Petersburg museums and the service is not provided. Sorry for inconveniences. 

CITY TOUR PASS BOOKLET costs 3000 rubles (about 46 USD) and the total price of combine tickets is more than 6000 rubles. The booklets valid period is 1-7 days from the first day of use. Look inside the booklet 

Souvenir SPB MAP with 8 discounts coupons costs just 100 rubles and offers the following savings: 

  • FREE BOAT TRIP along the river Neva till navigation period
  • 200 rubles discount for the bus tour to The Peterhof State Museum-Reserve or to Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Reserve
  • 100 rubles discount for the Complex ticket of The State Russian Museum (including free admission into Mikhailovsky, Marble, Stroganof Palaces and St Michael's Castle)
  • 200 rubles (60 %) discount for the Nevskaya Panorama route ticket of Peter and Paul Fortress
  • 200 rubles (30 %) discount for the hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour on red buses City Tour Saint-Petersburg 
  • 200 rubles (30 %) discount for the river and canals hop-on hop-off sightseeing boat City Tour (till navigation period) or for the water trip to Peterhof by hydrofoils (till navigation period)
  • discounts up to 20% from the famous city companies are provided as well: Yahont Faberge House jewerly, FC Zenith & HC SKA official shops, cafe Zinger, famous Palkin restaurant of Russian cuisine, etc.

Look inside  the map


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Канал Круиз


CITY TOUR PASS booklet costs 3000 Rubles (about 43 Euro / 46 USD).  

City Tour Pass booklet includes special coupons for visiting TOP-10 attractions of Saint Petersburg: the Hermitage, the Grand Palace in Peterhof, the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo, the Russian Museum Complex, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress, Savior on the Spilled Blood, Faberge Museum, Kunstkamera Museum, hop-on hop-off red bus City Tour St. Petersburg. 

You can buy City Tour Pass booklets by making an order on or purchase it in Peter and Paul Fortress ticket-office of Boat House nearby Peter and Paul Cathedral. Look inside the booklet 

NOTE! Nowadays the Program is on the stage of new agreement campaign 2017 with St. Petersburg museums and the service is not provided. Sorry for inconveniences.

Also you can buy Saint Petersburg souvenir SPB MAP with 8 Program discounts coupons and it costs only 100 rubles. NOTE! Free admission tickets to the museums and tours are not included. Look inside  the map

Purchase of SPB MAP is available in the ticket-offices of St. Petersburg subway stations, RZD-service marble hall on Moskovsky Railway Station, souvenir shops of Peter and Paul Fortress.

For groups (>10 maps) free delivery in St. Petersburg is available.